Wearable Art and Home Decor by Siona Benjamin
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Laxmi Elephant Shawl

Art Wrap Shawls With Silk or Velvet Backing (choose from 4 designs)


Vibrant shawls based on the paintings of Siona Benjamin, feature characters of mythology as they transpire through time, intersecting the past with the present. Gorgeous and luxurious, these generous wraps are a full 72" and 22" wide and practically wrinkle-free - great for traveling!  Wear casually or to a more formal event. Choose silk-backed or for a more dramatic statement, velvet-backed with the elegance of rhinestone touches. Wear an original piece of art, not just another ordinary shawl...

To view styles, simply click on the photos (name of design in lower right), or use the arrow/drop-down box. When ordering, please remember to choose design AND either silk or velvet backing.

Please Note: Siona has many designs of shawls posted under the Sionaware Tab on her main website, as well as our Blue Like Me/SionaWare social media pages.  However, only a limited number of designs are available at this time.  More shawl designs will be released over time.  Please let us know if there is a specific design you are interested in by using our Contact Us page.  Thank you!

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